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Your wedding is going to be a relaxed, stress free day hanging out with your favourite people. It’s about showing everyone how much you love each other and having an amazing time doing it.

Hi, I'm Sandy, I’ve been a full-time wedding photographer for over 5 years now and shot hundreds of weddings in that time. My style is very relaxed, the best pictures happen when you aren't paying attention to the camera so other than some simple instructions, so you know what to do, I back off and let you be yourselves.

This means you can relax and enjoy the day, you aren’t going to spending the whole time with me, standing in some super awkward pose, you just get to be yourselves and I’ll make you look awesome. If you give me a bit of free reign to be arty, we can create something special together.

I totally understand that most people don't like to have a camera stuck in their face - believe me - I’m one of them! I pride myself on being discreet and unobtrusive. My style is spontaneous, natural and relaxed reportage. I do direct where necessary; mainly during the (not obligatory!) formal shots and the bridal shoot. This helps things run quickly and smoothly so that you can get on with enjoying your day.

I’m not going to walk around your wedding interrupting each group and telling them to say cheese. Eugh. I like pictures that capture the moment, tell a story and that you may well not have even noticed I was there for. Loads of my couples say they hate having their picture taken, that’s fine, I get it. I have a bunch of tricks up my sleeve to help with that and everyone comments on how fun our shoots are.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer who knows how to make you look fantastic and have a great time doing it, if you want someone who feels more like a friend that takes awesome photos…

…let’s make sweet, sweet pictures together.