Fiona & Lloyd’s Wedding – The Riverstation Bristol

Fiona & Lloyd's wedding at The Riverstation, Bristol
Fiona and Lloyd are a fabulous couple – really warm, friendly and fun – so I was really looking forward to their wedding – and I wasn’t disappointed! Their day was a beautiful and relaxed affair, starting at Bristol’s Historic Harbourside before moving on to the Folk house for the evening celebrations (READ: a good old knees up!).

The wedding ceremony was held at the beautifully light and airy River Station, with stunning views over the water, followed by a Pimms reception on the terrace in the sunshine.

Fiona looking stunning in a dress designed and made by Lloyd’s mother and the day was full of little details – such as the personalised bunting – that made the day uniquely theirs and reflected the couple’s happy-go-lucky personalities.

After a lavish wedding breakfast and some of the most entertaining wedding speeches I’ve heard to date (as can be seen by the guests reactions in the photos) – we made our way up Park Street to the Folk House stopping on the way to take a few bridal pictures by College Green.

Then came the dancing! Really getting the ‘Indie Disco Feel’ they were going for in the evening Fiona and Lloyd ROCKED their first dance, with their guests needing no persuasion to join in – making for some cracking shots that really summed up the joy of the day!

Fiona + Lloyd_0103Fiona + Lloyd_0102Fiona + Lloyd_0011Fiona + Lloyd_0012Fiona + Lloyd_0013Fiona + Lloyd_0018Fiona + Lloyd_0015Fiona + Lloyd_0016Fiona + Lloyd_0017Fiona + Lloyd_0104Fiona + Lloyd_0020Fiona + Lloyd_0022Fiona + Lloyd_0024Fiona + Lloyd_0025Fiona + Lloyd_0026Fiona + Lloyd_0027Fiona + Lloyd_0028Fiona + Lloyd_0031Fiona + Lloyd_0032Fiona + Lloyd_0033Fiona + Lloyd_0035Fiona + Lloyd_0036Fiona + Lloyd_0037Fiona + Lloyd_0038Fiona + Lloyd_0039Fiona + Lloyd_0040Fiona + Lloyd_0041Fiona + Lloyd_0043Fiona + Lloyd_0044Fiona + Lloyd_0045Fiona + Lloyd_0046Fiona + Lloyd_0047Fiona + Lloyd_0048Fiona + Lloyd_0049Fiona + Lloyd_0051Fiona + Lloyd_0052Fiona + Lloyd_0053Fiona + Lloyd_0054Fiona + Lloyd_0055Fiona + Lloyd_0056Fiona + Lloyd_0059Fiona + Lloyd_0085Fiona + Lloyd_0086Fiona + Lloyd_0087Fiona + Lloyd_0060Fiona + Lloyd_0061Fiona + Lloyd_0063Fiona + Lloyd_0065Fiona + Lloyd_0066Fiona + Lloyd_0067Fiona + Lloyd_0068Fiona + Lloyd_0070Fiona + Lloyd_0071Fiona + Lloyd_0072Fiona + Lloyd_0073Fiona + Lloyd_0075Fiona + Lloyd_0076Fiona + Lloyd_0077Fiona + Lloyd_0078Fiona + Lloyd_0079Fiona + Lloyd_0080Fiona + Lloyd_0081Fiona + Lloyd_0082Fiona + Lloyd_0083Fiona + Lloyd_0084Fiona + Lloyd_0088Fiona + Lloyd_0090Fiona + Lloyd_0092Fiona + Lloyd_0093Fiona + Lloyd_0094Fiona + Lloyd_0095Fiona + Lloyd_0096Fiona + Lloyd_0098Fiona + Lloyd_0099Fiona + Lloyd_0100Fiona + Lloyd_0097

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