What kind of photographer are you?

I’m really into natural shots, the ones that tell a story and that you didn’t notice I was there for.  I love to catch real moments and real emotions because I think they paint a much more genuine picture of your day.

The way I can achieve this is partly based on experience – I can anticipate certain things just because I’ve shot so many weddings – but a big part of it is my approach.

I like to be pretty laid-back when I’m shooting, I find that being relaxed and friendly helps everyone else relax around the camera and makes for much better photos. I don’t interfere with your day, so you get to relax and enjoy your wedding, hang out with your guests and just have fun!

Having me as your wedding photographer is a bit like like having a mate at your wedding who stays oddly sober and that just so happens to take some kick ass photos.

Everyone in your photos looks so comfortable and relaxed. I hate having my picture taken.

Almost everyone I work with tells me that. I can help. If you feel a little awkward in front of the camera don’t worry, I understand how insecure that can feel because I feel the same. I have a bunch of tricks up my sleeve I know will help.

I’m great at making people relax around the camera. All my couples tell me that I was really good at putting them at ease and making it fun. You’ll enjoy yourself, I promise!

Look at my work and ask yourself: do these people look awkward? Most of them told me they hated having their photo taken when we first met.

What’s the deal with the feedback session?

I understand lots of people have something they don’t like about themselves in photos, but everyone is different. For me it’s my nose, it’s big, pointy, and goes up at the end like a ski slope so I don’t like shots of myself in profile. I look better straight on. People tell me that it’s fine, it’s character, but that doesn’t stop me hating it.

For others, it might not be a physical thing at all but a certain type of photo. Spending ages on a really cheesy shot for instance.

The feedback session is there so that I can listen to what you like. It’s a chance for me to learn about you so that I know what works best and what to avoid come the wedding. That way you get to feel like the most attractive version of yourself and love the way you look in your wedding photos.

So you’re going to spend ages posing us?

No. The instructions I give you are really simple, I will guide you a little – just so you know what you are doing – but then I let you be yourselves.

Often, the couples shoot is the first chance you will have had to get away from everyone and spend some time as just the two of you. By backing off a bit, I can capture who you are together much more successfully which makes for the best photos.

We are spending a lot of time planning all this and I’m worried about things not running to plan

There is plenty to worry about when it comes to planning a wedding, but I’m not one of those things. Reliability is very important to me, I’ve never missed a wedding and I’m early for literally everything in my life. I promise to be there when I say I will, answer your questions promptly and help out whenever possible. I can practically guarantee that I’ve been to more weddings than you, so if I know something useful, I’ll let you know.

This is also what the planning session is for, so that we can run through your timetable and I can help you ensure there is enough time for everything you have planned. This will minimise the chances of things not going to plan. On the day, I will liase with the event manager at the venue to ensure that if any slight hiccups occur, they are sorted as quickly as possible so that you hardly (if at all) notice they were there.

Do we need to feed you?

If I am going to be with you for longer than 6 hours, then yes please, I do ask that you feed me a hot meal. It’s a long day and I need to keep my strength up.

Normally I eat at the same time as you, nobody wants their photo taken while they are eating, it’s not a great look. I don’t have any dietary requirements, so I’ll eat pretty much anything. Except bananas, I hate bananas. Bleugh.

How do we get the photos?

I’ll send them to you on a high quality USB and upload them to a private online gallery so you can share them with your friends and family. The photos I provide are unwatermarked, full resolution files. That means you can print them out as big as you would reasonably (or unreasonably) want. You could print a billboard with these files if you really wanted (I actively encourage you to do this).

Are you insured?

Yes, like any professional, I have public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, kit cover and fully comprehensive pet insurance.

We really want you to hold our date, can you do that?

Yup. To hold a date, I require a signed contract and a 25% booking fee. I get multiple enquiries for the same date each year so I can only hold your date once I have both these things.

Sounds great, what do we do next?

Awesome. Get in touch so we can start chatting, I’ll help you through everything from there.

Find out if I am available for your day