The best Bristol wedding photography locations

As a Bristol wedding photographer, I obviously do a lot of weddings at venues around Bristol. Most venues have got some lovely spots for photography within their grounds but if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, there are a ton of other locations around Bristol that we can nip off to.

I also do an engagement shoot with almost all of my couples so even if you don’t want to leave your venue on the day, we can use these spots around Bristol for your engagement photos.

These Bristol wedding photography spots range from the iconic to the less well known, I’ve lived in Bristol for 14 years at time of writing, so I’ve got to know the area reasonably well.

Clifton suspension bridge & observatory

One of the first things people think about when you say Bristol is the iconic suspension bridge, like any wedding photographer in Bristol, I have done dozens of shoots here over the years, both for weddings and engagement shoots. If you get married at the Avon Gorge hotel there is a high chance you will want a few photos on the bridge. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Something to bear in mind is that it can get very busy with tourists, particularly on a Saturday afternoon and parking can be a nightmare. Shooting a little later is the answer, they tend to go home by about 7pm.

If we do a shoot on the bridge, I like to take a walk up to the Observatory as well if we have the time, the view is great from up there.

Clifton Village

Clifton has some lovely spots too, if we are at the bridge and have time, we can go for a bit of a walk around the village to get a few wedding photography shots that are a little different.

Ashton Court Mansion

Another firm wedding photographer Bristol favourite, Ashton Court Mansion has loooooads of places that work great for wedding or engagement photography. The best thing about Ashton Court is it works at any time of the year, the changing seasons mean that different areas look good at various times.

The harbour side

Probably my favourite place to shoot, the harbour side has tons of options in a very small area. Rather helpfully, there is easy parking right next door at the Mud Dock café too which makes it a lot more accessible.

The old city, St Nicks & Corn St

The lovely architecture around the old city make for some great locations, although it being in the centre of Bristol, it can be quite busy.

Christmas steps

An under used location in my opinion, this is one of Bristol’s oldest streets and is full of character. It can be a little dark so it’s better in summer.

Brandon Hill

Right in the centre of Bristol and a popular spot, Brandon Hill has loads to work with. Like any park it’s good for most of the year but what it has over most parks is the stunning view over Bristol meaning that even in winter it is worth a visit.

Greville Smyth Park

Popular with people who live south of the river, Greville Smythe park has a good amount to work with but is best in spring and summer. It has the advantage of being close to both North St and Ashton Ave bridge though so it is possible to combine some shots here with a few in with of those locations.

North St, Bedminster

As the host of UPFest (Urban Paint Festival) each year there is some great graffiti on many of the shopfronts and walls all along North St. If you are looking for an urban feel, this can be a good spot.

Ashton Avenue Bridge and Brunel Way

Combining a very cool bridge that photographers love (although you do have to keep an eye out for busses!) with one of the iconic views of Bristol, this spot has plenty going for it, just hold your nose on the way past the sewage works as you come in! (it’s actually not that bad).

Troopers Hill

Stunning views across Bristol, a massive chimney (which dates from the 1790s and was built to serve a copper smelting works by the river) and tons of brilliant natural features. This nature reserve is a great place to go if you want a more natural look to your engagement or wedding photos.

Old Down Country Park

Although also home to Old Down Manor – a popular wedding venue that I work at regularly, check out a wedding here – Old Down Country Park is open to the public and has an amazing view over the Severn estuary and bridges. It’s good all year round but my favourite time is late summer / early autumn as the fields of wild flower are still in bloom but sunset is a bit earlier making it more practical for an evening shoot. The sun sets over the Severn estuary so you can get the stunning views in along with the sunset or just hang out in the fields of wildflowers.

I also love shooting at new locations so if you have an idea for somewhere where we could get some great Bristol wedding photography, let me know and we can try it out 😀