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First off, thanks for booking me to be your wedding photographer!


As you are probably relatively early in your wedding planning and having planned a wedding myself I know how much there is to think about and do, so I thought I would put together a document with a bunch of resources I hope are helpful.

Some of these are written by me, some are tools I have found to be useful and some are recommendations. Where I have recommended people, I am doing so based on having worked with them in the past and being impressed by their service. I’m not on a commission so there is no financial gain to me by recommending them, I just want to be helpful 😊

There is a lot to plan for a wedding and it can all feel a bit daunting when you look at it as a whole. What me and my wife found to be helpful was to set aside an evening a week to do one task / bit of planning, we called this ‘wedding Wednesdays’. We made a bit of a night of it, planning in a nice meal first or sometimes going out and doing the planning in a pub so that we looked forward to it and it felt like a bit of an occasion. By the time we got to the week before our wedding we had done everything and were able to relax which really took the pressure off!

This is a useful tool for planning your seating plan. Another option is to print out or write everyone’s names on little pieces of paper so you can move everyone around easily. When you are happy with the seating plan, take a picture on your phone and email it to yourself so you don’t lose it.

I often get asked if I am ok working alongside a videographer, this is fine by me, I personally recommend Chris Morley or Heather Bailey, both of whom I have worked with before and know we work well together.

I have worked alongside Nina Norman hair and make-up several times and found her to be very professional.

Here are some articles I have written that you may find helpful:

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How to organise your group photos so they go as smoothly as possible

Good luck with your planning, if there is anything I can help you with, just let me know and I will do my best to help, I can pretty much guarantee I’ve been to more weddings than you have! 😀