What to wear to your photo session

Family 001 4

Coordinate your family

For a family shoot, it can be nice if you plan your outfits together to be coordinated for one of the looks. You don’t need to all match exactly but having a colour theme can really bring the photo together.

A simple jeans and coloured shirt combo works great. Another option is to all wear black / dark clothes which looks a little more sophisticated and can have a slimming effect, or all white / light clothes which will look more warm and friendly. These are just suggestions though, wear what you think will work for your family.
Family coordianted 001
The coordinated outfits and dark colours helpp focus attention on the faces
Family uncoordianted 001
The designs on these t-shirts have become the focus

Wear solid colours

Patterned shirts or logos are a distraction and become the focus of the photo. We want the photos to be all about the joyful expressions on your lovely faces, not the big logo on your top.

This is particularly true for children’s clothes, we aren’t shooting an advert for mickey mouse!

Wear something that fits well and you're comfortable in

If you wear something too big or small for you it won’t look good in the photos. If you feel uncomfortable in something this is going to show in the photos. Make sure you can move freely and easily.

Stay true to your style

Don’t make changes just for the shoot, it won’t feel like you in the photos. Wear your hair how you normally would and the same goes for makeup, if you are looking to make a change, try it out a couple of weeks before the shoot to see how you get on with it.

Keep things simple and smart

Imagine you are going on a first date, wear something that feel you and looks good. Something you feel confident in, going for smart casual is a good rough guide. Don’t wear too much jewellery (unless you normally wear a lot). Keep it simple with maybe a single statement piece.
Family Photographer 21
Smart casual is a good look for photos
Dress children at studio 001
Incorporating something like a favourite toy can make the photo more personal to your family

Consider dressing small children at the studio and bring a change of clothes

The last thing you want is for them to eat a snack on the way over and get more of it down themselves than in their mouth! The safest way to ensure they have clean clothes for the shoot is to dress them once you arrive.

Make it personal to you

These photos are all about YOU so if there is something you can bring along that will make them more personal, then bring it.

This could be something related to a hobby for example, a musical instrument (within reason, if you play the harp you might struggle getting up the stairs!), or a favourite book work well. Something of sentimental value like a grandmothers blanket for a baby is a lovely touch or simply a child’s favourite toy, particularly if given to them by a close relative.

These are all just guidelines of course. What matters most is that you are all relaxed and happy as this is what will make for the best photos.