Wedding photographer Bristol, Bath and the South West

4 Steps to love the way you look

1. meet for a chat

So I can begin to learn about you

2. Trial Shoot

I show you having your picture taken can be fun, while learning what works best for you.

3. feedback session

We chat about what you specifically like and dislike.

4. Love the way you look

Relax at your wedding, safe in the knowledge you will love how you look in your photos.


Everyone wants to look great on their wedding day. I know you probably don’t want to make a big deal out of it, but this is your wedding, it is a big deal. Everyone has a way of seeing themselves and there is nothing worse than a photo where you don’t feel like that is you.

As a wedding photographer Bristol I understand this, what’s why I offer a private feedback session after the trial shoot, so that I can take the time to learn what you do and don’t like in photos. I won’t take it as an insult to my photography, I get that it could be the nicest photo in the world but if you hate the way something looks, you will never get past seeing that to appreciate the rest of the photo.

What matters to me most is that you are 100% happy with how you look in your wedding photos. I will spend the time learning not just which angle works best for you, but who you are as a couple, so I can get the real you.  I have designed a process that will make you feel great in front of the camera so that for your wedding photos, you will feel like the most confident and attractive version of yourself.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to spend ages posing you though. My style is very relaxed and natural so most of the photos I take, you probably won’t even notice that I was there. For the few where we do spend some time together, the instructions I’ll give you are simple and easy. You can just be yourself.

I was worried about having my picture taken, in a lot of photos of me I’m pulling some stupid faces but after doing the trial shoot with you, I knew it would be fine.

You made everything so relaxed and stress free, we could just be ourselves.

I can’t put into words how amazing and beautiful the photos are.

Victoria & Nick
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Hate having your picture taken? I make it fun.

I understand how insecure you can feel in front of the camera, I feel the same. I have a bunch of tricks up my sleeve I know will help, I’m great at making people relax around the camera and everyone finishes our shoots saying how much fun they had.

Look at my work and ask yourself: do these people look awkward? Most of them told me they hated having their photo taken when we first met.

Do a trial shoot with me, as a Bristol and Bath wedding photographer I know loads of great spots, I promise you’ll enjoy yourself.

I’m not a traditional wedding photographer

I’m certainly not going to spend ages and ages going through loads of family line ups with you. I understand that your family will probably want a few formal shots, but I also know that you probably want to get on with hanging out with your guests. I can usually get all the formal shots done in about 20 minutes. Chat to me about my formals list, I’ve worked out one that covers everyone, includes all the important people and doesn’t take very long.

I do my best to get at least one natural shot of everyone during your wedding anyway, I figure if they were invited to your wedding, they are probably important to you so it’s likely you’ll want a lovely photo of them.

As an experienced wedding photographer in Bristol, Bath and the South West I’m familiar with the local wedding venues so there is a high chance I have covered a wedding at your venue before.  Even if I haven’t, the first thing I do at every venue is take a walk around to assess where would be the best place for photos on the day (this can change day to day so I even do this at venues I am very familiar with) so that I am keeping the time you spend away from your guests to a minimum but still create gorgeous, natural photos where you feel like the best version of you.

Have a look around my site, view my portfolio to see some more examples of my Bath and Bristol wedding photography or learn a bit more about me and how I work. You probably have a bunch of questions, I do my best to answer those in my info section, if you would like to see some example weddings, head over to my blog, or you can get in touch and find out if I’m available for your day.

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