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You want creative, natural, authentic photos that tell the story of your day. You want to be able to relax, enjoy yourself and spend time with your guests. After all, it’s not just about you, having great photos of the people that matter most is important. You’d like a few nice shots of the pair of you that show how amazing you look without them feeling cheesy and posed. And you want the security of knowing this will all just happen reliably without you having to worry.

Fun. Natural. Relaxed.

You are looking for natural shots from your wedding, the ones that tell a story and that you didn’t notice were taken. The ones that catch real moments and real emotions because they paint a much more genuine picture of your wedding day.

The day after the wedding, of all the things you spent hours researching and making decisions about and then enjoyed on the day, what will be left? These photos are the lasting record of one of the most important days of your life. They are an investment that will only become more valuable over time.

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5 stars

“I was worried about having my picture taken, in a lot of photos of me I’m pulling some stupid faces but after doing the engagement shoot with you, I knew it would be fine.

You made everything so relaxed and stress free, we could just be ourselves.

I can’t put into words how amazing and beautiful the photos are.”

Victoria B

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Booking Process

01 Get in touch

via my form and I’ll get back to you with my availability and full price list.

02 Lets meet

I’d love to have you in the studio to talk over your options and answer any questions you have.

I understand that sometimes distance makes this difficult so I am happy to chat on a call if this is the case.

03 Confirmation

To hold your date I require a booking fee and signed contract

04 Prepare

 I can help with planning your timeline for the day to make sure you can fit everything in, plus I can often help with a number of questions about weddings having been to so many.

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Wall Art brings joy to your home

What are you planning to do with your wedding photos? Most peoples answer to that is usually “I haven’t really thought about it”. Sure, getting the photos on a USB is a convenient way of receiving the digital files but then what? They go in a drawer and gather dust?

Your wedding photos are an investment, they are the trigger to relive of one of the most important days of your life. They only get more valuable with time. Make them a part of your life, feel the love you shared on that day and let that bring you joy every day.

Wall Art reminds you of the love you share

There should be at least one photo on the wall of your home that you see every day to remind you of the love and connection you share. To remind you of why you got married.

That photo should be a piece of art, something beautiful that wouldn’t look out of place on anyone’s wall. Something that every day, you can smile as you see that piece of art that represents the love you share.

The Wall Art is the best quality you can buy, museum quality fine art archival prints that, if looked after, will look beautiful for hundreds of years.

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5 stars

“Sandy was an absolute pleasure to have with us throughout our wedding day. His energy and enthusiasm were fantastic and so many guests have commented on how unobtrusive and professional he was.

And then come the photos – wow!

He has managed to capture the softest moments of emotion and also the electric energy and atmosphere. So so chuffed and would recommended highly.”

Sarah R

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