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Professional Wedding Photographer Bristol, Bath & the South West

Hi, I’m Sandy, a professional wedding photographer based in Bristol but also serving Bath, Somerset and the South West. My wedding photography is a combination of relaxed documentary reportage and contemporary fine art portraits.

My approach to wedding photography is to be unobtrusive, creating relaxed, natural images. One wedding couple called me "the friendliest wedding photographer we have ever met” - a compliment I am immensely proud of as it’s integral to how I work. Being smiley and happy makes people more comfortable and this in turn helps me get natural, spontaneous and beautiful wedding photos. I aim to blend into the background, I don’t get in the way and I don’t hassle your guests. I let you get on with enjoying your day!

As well as documenting the main elements of your wedding, I concentrate on catching the moments and details you might miss, and if you like, we can nip off for a quick Bride & Groom shoot to get some nice portrait shots of just the two of you - other than that, you won’t even notice I’m there! Check out my wedding photography portfolio to see some more samples of my work or if you would like to see some weddings in more detail then click on one of the wedding galleries above.  

Thank you...thank you....thank you...Tom and I are over the moon with what you have shown us, it brought a tear to my eye re-living it all again! x

Laura & Tom
Laura & Tom

We are more than happy with them! Thank you so much - they are exactly what we wanted and even better than we hoped.

Orla & Andrew
Orla & Andrew

These are truly amazing! Thank you so much!

Catherine & Alex
Catherine & Alex

We are absolutely delighted with the photographs. They capture the day beautifully, are the exact style we wanted and we are so happy.

Thank you for all your efforts on the day; you were so relaxed and helped everything run so smoothly.

Catherine & Chris
Catherine & Chris

I’ve been a wedding photographer for a long time and I know it can be easy for people to forget what it’s like to come into an industry they might not have any experience of or understand. Most couples have never hired a photographer before, and it can be a little daunting trying to understand all the options.

What I’ve tried to do is make it as simple as possible.

What I have written is genuine advice, I’m not trying to convince you to hire me (although obviously I’d love it if you did) this is just useful information that I hope you can use to make a more informed decision. Taste in photography is a very personal thing, I respect that, even if my style isn’t for you, I think you will find the information here helpful.

Fill out the form and I’ll send you a PDF which tells you what you need to think about and lets you know what you can reasonably expect from your photographer.

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This helps you because you will be more informed of the process and what you can expect.

This helps the photographer (whether that’s me or not) because, believe it or not, better informed couples are easier to work with. They have already thought about what they want and know what questions to ask.

No obligation, if you don’t like it, just delete it. But even if you only learn one thing, it’s worth the read.

If you know a bit about photography already and just want to get in touch, you will find my phone number, email and an enquiry form on my contact page. Just get in touch and we can take it from there. But really, I’m telling you all this because it will save us both a lot of time.

Fill out the form and the guide will be with you in minutes. By the time you have read it, you will have a much better idea of what you want.