Professional Wedding Photographer Bristol, Bath & the South West

Hi, I’m Sandy, a wedding photographer based in Bristol. I shoot fun, natural images of the best day of your life.

Hate having your photo taken? I make it fun
Most of the people I work with say they don’t like having their picture taken: that’s cool - I totally get it - I don’t love it myself. Don’t worry though, there are things we can do about that, I have a bunch of tricks up my sleeve that will really help. Everyone finishes their shoot with me saying how much fun they’ve had.

I can make you both look amazing in a totally natural way. Look at my work and ask yourself: do these people look awkward? Most of them told me they hated having their photo taken when we first met.

"We were worried about being in front of the camera, but you totally put us at ease. The couples shoot was actually really fun! It was nice to get away for a bit and spend some time as just the two of us.”
Matt & Izzy Martin

More time enjoying your wedding
My style is what I call ‘relaxed reportage’. This means that I don’t interfere with your day, so you get to relax and enjoy your wedding, hang out with your guests and just have fun! What I’ll be doing is quietly moving around recording all the action. Every time you look through my work, you will get to re-live the day all over again.

Real interactions and real emotions
Because I don’t interfere, my photos are more powerful and honest. I don’t set things up, so you know everything is real - from the look on your mums face as you exchange rings, to the fun game your niece and nephew have made up in the garden. I catch the moments you will never forget and the stuff you might have missed in all the fun. You get to see the real relationships and emotions because I’m simply recording what is actually there.

I’m not traditional
I’m not what you would call a ‘traditional’ wedding photographer, I’m certainly not going to spend ages and ages going through loads of family line ups with you. I understand that your family will probably want a few formal shots, but I also know that you probably want to get on with hanging out with your guests. I can usually get all the formal shots done in about 20 minutes. Chat to me about my formals list, I’ve worked out one that covers everyone, includes all the important people and doesn’t take very long. I do my best to get at least one natural shot of everyone during your wedding anyway, I figure if they were invited to your wedding, they are probably important to you so it’s likely you’ll want a lovely photo of them.

Check out my wedding photography portfolio to see some more samples of my work, including links to some featured weddings. If you would like to know a bit more about me and how I work, have a look at my about page and for prices, go to my services page.

We have just looked through the photos! They are incredible! Thank you so, so much!

Amazing to relive the day through them. Set the tears off again.

I can't put into words how amazing and beautiful they all are and how incredible you were putting us both at ease!

Victoria & Nick
Victoria & Nick