Why You Should Choose a Rustic Barn Wedding Venue for Your Big Day

Congratulations! You’re engaged and about to start planning your big day. You’re thrilled, excited…and more than a little overwhelmed. In today’s Pinterest Era, it’s all too easy to hop online and feel inundated by wedding themes, styles and ideas. Want to keep things simple yet stunning? A barn wedding is perfect!  These venues are packed with history, charm and gorgeous architecture you can’t find anywhere else. When you want to keep the frills minimal and let your love (and that gorgeous natural light) shine through, you can’t beat these rustic spots. Today we are going to look at why it’s a good idea to look at a barn when you are ready to pick your wedding venue. So put the planner away, kick up your feet, and read on!

Barn Wedding Venues are Spacious

First, let’s talk about space. It goes without saying that most barn venues offer plenty of space for your ceremony area, including rows of seating for your friends and family members.  Are you planning to have your ceremony and reception at the same locale? If so, you can also find plenty of barns that have room for a dance floor, DJ booth, buffet lines, and more! The best part? Most of the time, all of these stations are laid out in an open-concept design within one room. That means you don’t have to worry about snaking through different areas to greet your loved ones, and everyone can mingle in the same, shared space.

Rustic Charm Offers Laid back Appeal

Barns are ideal for the couple who prefers a simple, natural aesthetic over intricate, fussy decorations. Don’t want the stress of buying or making a ton of streamers, signs, and floral arrangements that you’ll use for just one day? With their weathered stone, charming windows, and timeworn materials, barns practically decorate themselves! When you let their rustic beauty shine through, you’ll find that even the simplest accessories truly pop. This means you can rest easy and focus on each other during your big day. When you’re not fretting about elaborate tablescapes and other minute details, your wedding becomes less frantic and more fun. 

The Landscape Is Full of Photo Ops

Your wedding photos are an investment you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.  When you get married in a barn, you can rest assured that the images will be filled with stunning scenery, all found right outside your doorstep. From open fields and acres of flowers to sky-high tree limbs and gorgeous sunsets, you can’t ask for a more beautiful backdrop to commemorate the beginning of your life together.  An added benefit of staying put for photos? You can join your guests for the reception as soon as possible! Want to play up the natural beauty around you even more? Plan an autumn wedding, when gorgeous oranges, reds, and golds will be on full display outside!

Barns Are One-of-a-Kind

You’re far from an everyday bride. So, why would you want an identikit wedding venue? One of the best parts about hosting your wedding in a barn is that you’ll never find two structures that are exactly the same. Each one is replete with history that you can see in every corner. In fact, many barns in the U.K. are more than 500 years old! They’re charming, chic and the perfect blend of the old and the new. When you want to honour your history while looking with great anticipation toward your future, you can’t go wrong with this type of venue. 

You Can Merge Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

It’s a gorgeous night. The stars are twinkling, there’s a warm breeze blowing…and you’re stuck inside watching it all from the window. On your wedding night, there’s nothing better than throwing the doors open and letting guests mingle between the indoor and outdoor lounge spaces. This is one area in which barns really shine. Weather permitting, you can open the barn doors and allow guests to cut loose on the dance floor, then grab a drink at the bar and take it out onto the patio without missing a beat. Not only is this layout more comfortable, but it also extends your venue space by a country mile. You get much more square footage for your money, which is especially helpful if you’re planning your wedding on a budget!

You Can Get One-on-One Attention

Most barns that operate as wedding venues have only one focus: Making your big day as memorable as possible. They aren’t worried about operating a hotel, running a full-service restaurant or catering to any other need. That means you’ll get their full attention when it’s time to plan and hold your wedding. You’ll also get to enjoy exclusive use of the venue itself. You won’t have to worry about another bride hosting her wedding right down the hall! 

Capture the Barn Wedding of Your Dreams

Despite popular belief, your wedding day doesn’t have to be stressful.  With a little brainstorming and the right team by your side, you can plan a barn wedding that’s laid back, relaxed and everything you always wanted. There’s a reason these rustic venues have been so popular lately. In a world that’s increasingly fast-paced and tech-driven, barns are literally a breath of fresh air. Want to capture your day in a way you’ll never forget? I’d love to help.  Get in touch today. I’d love to about what you have planned for your big day!