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Why You Should Choose a Rustic Barn Wedding Venue for Your Big Day

Congratulations! You’re engaged and about to start planning your big day. You’re thrilled, excited…and more than a little overwhelmed. In today’s Pinterest Era, it’s all too easy to hop online and feel inundated by wedding themes, styles and ideas. Want to keep things simple yet stunning? A barn wedding is perfect!  These venues are packed with history, charm… Read More

How to deal with camera shyness for your wedding photography

Do you hate having your photo taken? Does the idea of having a professonal photographer follow you around with their cameras all day freak you out (even though you really want all the moments of your big day caught for you to look back on)? You’re far from alone! With almost every couple I meet,… Read More

6 Things you need to consider while choosing a photographer for your wedding

There are literally thousands of wedding photographers in the UK so picking the right one for you can be tricky. If you don’t know anything about photography it can be even harder. For most people, hiring a wedding photographer is the first experience they have of having to hire a professional photographer. With a lack… Read More

8 of my favourite wedding venues in Bristol 2019

Are you looking for a place to get married in Bristol? As a wedding photographer, I am often asked which venue is my favourite. This is an almost impossible question to answer, there are so many great venues in and around Bristol that I couldn’t possible pick just one! So below I’ve listed 8 of… Read More

The best Bristol wedding photography locations

As a Bristol wedding photographer, I obviously do a lot of weddings at venues around Bristol. Most venues have got some lovely spots for photography within their grounds but if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, there are a ton of other locations around Bristol that we can nip off to. I also do… Read More

How to deal with rain on your wedding day

How to deal with rain on your wedding day Everybody hopes for good weather on their wedding day, a lovely day hanging out in the sun is fantastic but unfortunately we have no control over the weather so it is helpful to know what to do about rain on your wedding day. I live in… Read More

How To Use Your DSLR – Learn to use your camera better

So you bought a DSLR A lot of people think that great photos come from a good camera. This is certainly true to a point, but if you have no idea how to use it, you might as well have bought something at half the price. Photography is a huge subject that you can spend… Read More

Questions to ask before booking a wedding photographer

Hi, I’m Sandy and I’m a wedding photographer. Most people I meet don’t know much about photography. This is fine, it is why you pay someone else to take the photos at your wedding. The thing is, if you are handing over that much money to someone, you need to know they will do a… Read More